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NCM Solution
Cartridge Dust Collectors
1. High efficiency of dust removing.

2. Compact design and convenient remove.

3. Made of water-proof resin fibre, anti-aging and high strength.

4. Integrated with pressure sensor, real time monitoring and automatic control.
Cartridge Dust Collectors is mainly used for purifying the dusty gas and recycling materials, widely applied in metallurgy, construction materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electricity, light industries.
Filtration area 24 m³
Air Volume >1500 m³/h
Cartridge Material high quality thermal bonded polyester pleated fabric fitted as standard
Standard Cartridge quantity 14
Efficiency > 99.9%
Cartridge Cleaning Automatic Intermittent vibration cleaning
Power of Vibration Motor 500w (380v 50hz)
Main Body Diameter 800mm
Main Body Height 1635mm
Main Body Material Carbon steel
Cartridge Dust Collectors
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