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Planetary gear box

The main models include NCPG509, NCPG510 and NCPG511.

It is designed according to the common type and installation dimension of the foreign reducer and is interchangeable with the reducer of the same model at home and abroad.
The gear is produced by the famous professional gear factory and owns high precision and reliable quality.

The shell is made through sand casting and the machining center, and is featured by high precision, small geometric tolerance, high strength and good appearance.

It uses the imported bearing and sealing element, and owns excellent quality and long service life.

1.Adopt common design and installation dimension , can be exchanged with same model of domestic and oversea brand.

2.Parts of gear are subcontracted by famous and professional gear factory , with high precision and reliable quality.

3.Shell is cast by coated sand casting, proceeded by CNC with high precision in geometric tolerance and high strength.

4.Adopt imported bearing and seal, with good quality and long service life.
Item Model Reduction Ratio(i) Weight(kg) Max. torque output(Nm) Rating torque output(Nm)
1 NCPG509 23.5 150 19500 9600
2 NCPG510 27.0 200 24000 14000
3 NCPG511 27.0 240 26000 17000
Capacity(wet) Motor*quantityy Motor series
1.5 30*2 4
2 37*2 4
2-3 55*2 4

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