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The NCM quality program has been developed to meet the contractual requirements of our customers as well as the specific needs of the company so that it may achieve or exceed its goals for quality. Our policy is to provide, at all times, products or services that are equivalent to or of higher quality than requested by the customer.

In order to succeed in this objective, the company has committed itself to respect and uphold, at all times, the directives of this quality assurance approach.

The quality program is structured in order to: 
☆ Ensure that products and services are in conformity with contractual requirements; 
☆ Ensure that all incidences of nonconformity are detected and dealt with as quickly as possible; 
☆ Provide objective evidence with respect to contractual requirements and conformity with the regulations of the ISO 9001:2000 standards; 
☆ Anticipate problems and implement these regulations so that incidences of nonconformity do not proliferate; 
☆ Permanently improve the effectiveness of the management quality system.

In order to contribute to the success of this program and have pride in it being part of our company, our personnel are informed, consulted, implicated in and made responsible for the program. All personnel are responsible for product quality in accordance with the organization's various activities and are thereby given the means to attain this level of quality. In addition, in treating the customer as a partner, we put all information related to his contract at his disposal and facilitate access to our facilities, insomuch as such requests conform to established operational and safety regulations.

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