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NCM Solution
concrete reclaimers
1. Separates sand and aggregates for reuse - high quality sand and aggregates are recovered from concrete truck wash out and returned concrete loads.

2. Recycle all wash water through three stage clarification process.

3. Three sizes of machine are available - to suit all concrete producers

4. Machines are delivered with all pumps, switchboard and fittings required to operate

5. Available in left hand and right hand configuration to suit existing sites

6. Simple low cost operation, environmentally friendly; reduces waste dumping, conserves natural resources

7. Rapid payback of invested capital (typically under 2 years).

8. Requires minimal alteration to existing plant civil works, full installation and civil works packages are    available.
Concrete reclaimer completely solves the concrete waste problem and greatly saves the operation costs of concrete batching plants. It is widely used to clean the mixer trucks and other vehicles and containersfor nearly all concrete production facilities, such as ready-mix, precast, prestress, pipe & block and so forth.
Specifications Models
NCL—800 NCL—1000 NCL—1250
Separation Drum Diameter(mm) 800 1000 1250
Screw Conveyor Diameter (mm) 480 480 480
Screening Capability (t/h) 10~20 20~30 30~40
Stone Size Screened (mm) >φ5 >φ5 >φ5
Sand Size Screened (mm) Φ1~φ5 Φ1~φ5 Φ1~φ5
Power of Drum Motor (kw) 4 4 5.5
Power of Screw Conveyor Motor((kw) 3 4 4
Total Power of Motors (kw) 7 8 9.5
External Dimension of Main Body
(Length x Width x Height m)
5.39*1.80*2.17 6.22*2.05*2.44 7.18*2.06*2.65
Weight of Main Body (kg) 2730 3540 4650
Mixer Trucks Number <10 10~20 10~30
Control System PLC Automatic PLC Automatic PLC Automatic
Note: The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice.
concrete reclaimers
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